AIRE – for my mother

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ein Abend mit Soli und Duetten


AIRE – for my mother

Kirstie Simson (UK) shares her passion for the exploration of freedom in this autobiographical dance solo/duet performance. Through the use of humour, eye contact, dialogue and proximity, the performer invites the audience to join her on a journey as she negotiates her way through present moment decision-making that is inherent in improvised performances. With light-hearted spontaneity, through the use of movement and text, this master performer affirms the fundamental positivity of life. She draws on the wisdom of her ancestors as she weaves her parent’s stories with her own recent confrontation and subsequent healing from a life-threatening illness, in a work that celebrates the depth of human connection and potentiality.

Leanore Ickstadt will join Kirstie on stage as an interpreter and witness during the performance.

Performer: Kirstie Simson, Leanore Ickstadt



2 Paar Beine

1 Platte

2 OG

1 Ort für 2

Episode 1

Choreografie und Tanz: Johanna Jörns, Lea Svenja Dietrich



how to catch a fly with your pinky toe

is an instantly composed solo that challenges the relationship between doing and not

doing, guiding and following. In a world where we aim to produce faster and better

constantly, it is looking for a calm state of mind and to let momentum be generated

by listening rather than doing. Departing from a deeply felt longing for an

interconnected sensation inside the body, this piece is looking for a dialogue with the

music, time and space around. This conversation naturally exists only in that very

moment and will never be reproduced in the same way.

It is inspired by the music of the polish artist Hania Rani.

The Solo is inviting the audience to ease the mind and to take in, rather than trying to


Choreografie und Tanz: Camilla Przystawski

Tickets: 14 € / erm. 11 €

Ticketbestellung unter oder 030 43 777 864


Ahornstraße 24
12163 Berlin

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