FOTO: © Photo ©Mari Vass. With the vocal cords against the patriarchy!

Cartography following 'We Can Do It Moaning'

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

Discover the theater and performance of Berlin's independent performing arts community with Theaterscoutings! We will accompany you each month to a diverse range of venues and introduce you to what makes Berlin theater one-of-a-kind: new aesthetics, site-specific productions, international guests, political and documentary theater and much, much more! We do more than simply suggest a variety of interesting events: each performance included in the Theaterscoutings lineup also features a personal guide, introductions to the topics and aesthetics, conversations with artists, rehearsals, visits backstage...

About the Show: 

What should we use our mouths for? Just for eating? Shouldn't we also use them for kissing, licking, sucking and moaning? Let’s send in these post-porn clowns and see how far you can go as a woman*! But watch out: It gets dirty. It gets messy. It gets hilarious and physical. It remains embarrassing and complicated. ABA NAIA teach us about moaning and transform sounds into language. They challenge the patriarchy with their vocal chords. You are invited to take part in a dialogue at the crossroads of science and lies, comedy and porn, feminism and lust.  

About the additional program with Theaterscoutings: 

We want to offer the format "Cartography" as a post-talk, discussion content will be created on the spot, right after the show. After the show, the audience is invited to enter the performance space. There, they are given Post-Its and pens and are asked by the moderator to individually and silently mark the stage with questions, associations, descriptions and memories on Post-Its and sticking them around the performance space. So they can share their experiences, thoughts and emotions on the stage where the performers have left their props, sweat, tears and other fluids to be explored in more detail. A shared cartography of the individual performance experiences is created which serves as the point of departure for a shared conversation. Note: In order for the audience to enter the stage, shoes must be removed beforehand (white dance floor).

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