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CTM Festival: TodaysArt & Monom Studios

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CTM Festival: TodaysArt & Monom Studios present 

Grand River, Stefanie Egedy & Monom Studios experiments

TodaysArt and Monom Studios are proud to present a fresh program to boost your Saturday, May 28th afternoon, during CTM Festival.

Featuring the artist and composer Aimée Portioli, aka Grand River, who will perform her intimate composition »Tuning the Wind« live, spatialised and mixed in 4DSOUND. Nature and music have become one; there is no distinction between a synthesizer and an element of nature, between a sound wave and a gust of wind. In the last two years, many more people have reconnected with nature and have embraced it as a place of respite from an unceasingly self-mechanizing global landscape. In attempting a representation of the wind in human form, »Tuning The Wind« expresses our relationship, experience, and dialogue with the natural environment.

Ahead of the concert and early in the day, Stefanie Egedy will enchant Monom's bar with a low-frequency »Sub-Bass Invigorating dose«, exploring the potential contained in sound waves and subwoofers to invigorate the nervous system and the body.

During the day, Monom Studios will premiere an interactive experiment, a portal into an alternate perspective. »Human / Nature / Machine« was originally conceived by William Russell as a live performance using the piano as an instrument to control the dynamics of natural phenomena. A duet between human and nature, this symphonic exploration now takes shape as an immersive installation mixed together through the 4DSOUND system. For this special edition of the project, the audience will be invited to interact with various materials and objects, connecting their bodies to the 4DSOUND machine. Expect special musical guests over the course of the day, who will infuse the environment with melody, harmony, and rhythm.


Aimée Portioli is a Dutch-Italian composer and sound designer who records and performs as Grand River.Her music infiltrates electronic music experimentalism with a cinematic bent, placing an atmospheric lens over complex rhythmic structures. These lush and peculiar landscapes blur long-form transitions with suspense. Influenced by classical minimal music Grand River’s work integrates a large variety of sound structures and symphonic calculations in which she crafts absorbing experimental and ambient narrations combining traditional composition with contemporary sound research.


Stefanie Egedy (b. São Paulo) is a sound worker that operates as an artist, whose practice evolves around sound. Her motto is sub-bass, bass sounds, subwoofers, and their capacity to reveal themselves as present in a space. Exploring human and architectural bodies, the interactions and potential for new creations are of greatest interest. Besieged by this scenario, Stefanie articulates the cross-over between sonorous and musical language to investigate communication between beings. Egedy works with field recordings, electronic and daily materials sounds. She runs the label COISAS QUE MATAM (THINGS THAT KILL), researches the relations between light and sound with Camille Laurent, and is the Head Of Operations and Artist Development Producer at Monom, Berlin's Center for Spatial Sound.

William Russell is an Australian-born spatial sound designer & artist, classical percussionist, creative director, and co-founder of Monom Berlin, a spatial sound studio and exhibition space. Since opening Dec 1, 2017, at the historic Funkhaus Berlin, William has worked together with artists to produce and present over 50 new spatial sound works by a diverse range of local and international talent working across genres and disciplines, from music, to dance, to opera and theater and recently VR and AR. Russell's focus as an artist himself is on recreating the sonic dynamics of climate phenomena and combining this with music to stimulate empathetic awareness of one's surroundings and illuminate the link between humans and nature. 


Saturday 28, March 2022 


Doors open at 12:00

12:30 Sub-Bass Invigorating dose by Stefanie Egedy in Monom Bar

13:00 - 18:30 Human / Nature/ Machine installation will be playing in Monom Studio

18:30 - 19:00 Sub-Bass Invigorating dose by Stefanie Egedy in Monom Bar

19:10 - 20:00 Tuning the Wind by Grand River Live in Monom Studio

** Very limited capacity for Tuning The Wind Live Concert in 4DSOUND


  1. If I want to attend the Human / Nature / Machine 4DSOUND installation, Sub-Bass Invigorating dose & Tuning the Wind Live which tickets should I get? One 18€ one.
  2. If I just want to attend Human / Nature/ Machine 4DSOUND installation and the Sub-Bass Invigorating dose which tickets should I get? Just one 5€ .
  3. What will happen in the Monom Bar? The Sub-Bass Invigorating Session at 12:30 & 18:30 and a playlist to match your drinks all day long.
  4. Which payment method is accepted in the Bar? Only cash.
  5. Can I buy tickets at the door? Yes, although they are subject to availability.



  • We advise coming 30 minutes prior to the start of your sessions.
  • Please consider the current health guidelines. Don't come to the event if you are feeling unwell.
  • Current hygiene regulations are in effect during the event and are subject to change.
  • 2G Event
  • Tickets are non-refundable, however, they are transferable. 


6.33€ Ticket: Human / Nature / Machine 4DSOUND installation & Sub-Bass Invigorating dose 27.57€ Ticket: Tuning The Wind Live Concert in 4DSOUND and Human / Nature / Machine 4DSOUND installation & Sub-Bass Invigorating dose


Nalepastrasse 18
12459 Berlin

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