Dream Parade + No Romance

Konzerte & Musik Indie Pop Rock

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Join us for a night of crispy creamy dream pop and a good dance

Doors @19:00-late

Concerts @20:00




When a group of oddball childhood friends leaped onto stage in 2015 and channeled their chaotic energy into music, so was born the 5-piece band, Dream Parade. Since their spontaneous formation, the band’s music has evolved into a velvety psychedelic-pop, twined in ethereal guitar riffs, and elevated by dreamy basslines. The throaty lyrics evoke the darkness of lakeside summer nights, the complexities of relationships, and explore the delicate tension between hope and despair. Still, they preserve the wild energy and determination not to take themselves too seriously that brought the group together in the first place.

“Why are you trying to fight it?”

Following the release of two new singles "Angels" and "fckpshow", and with their second album "FCKPSHOW" scheduled to be released October 28th, Dream Parade is coming down from the Swiss mountains into the city to perform for the first time in Berlin, alongside their good friends No Romance.





No Romance is a poppy exploration of hedonistic melodrama constructed by Berlin-based members​​ Lucy Holliday, Isaac Hickey, Hannah Gonzales, and Joel Thomas. With their energised, fun live show, and synthy gothic edge, No Romance seeks to highlight the ugly parts of our subconscious and turn them into glistening pop songs. Their set, which they recently toured in Germany and Iceland, experiments with genre fluidity, fusing heavy with dancy; pop with darkness. The group manage to touch on a wide variety of references and sonic worlds, whilst staying true to their cohesive, driving sound.

This will be their first set following the release of the disco-pop single 'Glitters', the follow-up release to their debut EP ‘Unfold”, which was released last year and described as “a sparkling vibrant slice of synth-driven pop” (White Light // White Heat), was internationally reviewed, and featured both on Spotify editorial and radio playlists.



Loophole Berlin
Boddinstrasse 60
12053 Berlin

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