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At 21 years old, French The Kid is proving himself to be one of the most exciting talents emerging from the UK. Hailing from Romford, Essex, amidst council estates and traveller sites, a career in music was far from an inevitability.  With Essex firmly on his chest, the early part of his teens were spent in the South West of France. A far cry from where the F1 is hosted...there were no yachts, fast cars or parties near by. Humble and cultured. What you see is what you get. 

Having created some energy around his name with an Instagram freestyle in 2018, the bar was set. With a strong connection to his fans, some monumental freestyle moments that have amassed over 13 million views collectively and an effortless ability to create memorable hooks, his versatility is not in question. From melodic, sample driven songs, to the autobiographical, conviction ladened verses, French The Kid is building a cult following. Every release has felt like a statement of intent. A new piece added to the puzzle. Visually captivating, with a refreshing narrative that has yet to be seen.  The job has always been clear. Keep It Moving. 

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