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Fucked Up // SO36

Konzerte & Musik Wochenendtipp Rock

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

Canadian hardcore punk band Fucked Up perform at SO36 on 07.08.2022!

New EP out in September!

Pummeling curveball from Fucked Up channeling the world of HC that birthed them -- despotic and horrendously sludgy riffs exploding in octaves lower than Hades, crashing against hellish bellowing all while the rhythm section heaves at a pace that only Noothgrush, Crossed Out, Kiss it Goodbye, and Bloodlet would tread upon. Topped off with an absolutely despicable cover of Saint-Saens "The Aquarium" this is the mythologically psychedelic sludge record you never thought Fucked Up would make. 4 tracks of pure audio excretion.

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SO 36 Berlin Kreuzberg

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