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mit Leanore Ickstadt

Die Tänzerin, Choreografin und Autorin Leanore Ickstadt liest aus ihrem Buch.

Dancing, Out of Germany describes the lives of some of the dancers who, forced to leave Germany in the Thirties, struggled to build a new existence

in the United States. As dancers, as women, what did they leave behind, what did they find, and how did they adjust? How did their "German Dance"

change in America, and did American Dance respond, in turn, to what they brought with them? What happened to the particular humor of Weimar

cabarets when it emigrated to America.

The author, an American dancer who moved to Germany more than forty years ago, brings a unique

perspective to the challenges these dancers faced. Her own struggles provide a mirror through which the struggles of her counterparts are

reconstructed and imaginatively reinvented, revealing new aspects of Weimar Germany and the Forties and Fifties in the United States.

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Diese Veranstaltung findet statt im Rahmen des Tangente Dance Festival No5 statt. Mehr Informationen zum Festival finden Sie hier.



Ahornstraße 24
12163 Berlin



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