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Since the beginning, NEFFEX has sought to inspire people above all else. This vision and a relentless work ethic fueled an incredible run of releasing 100 original songs in 100 weeks. The unique, copyright-free music approach, and rapidly growing cross-genre catalogue caught the attention of thousands of content creators across the web. NEFFEX continues to consistently ascend on streaming platforms and permeate across the internet. Highlights include hit single "Fight Back, " with 500+ million streams to date, features on Billboard and Forbes, syncs on ESPN and Fox Sports, and a sold out European Tour. Now receiving 125+ million streams monthly, the fervor to build the platform and inspire the masses has never been stronger. To date, the continued growth of what NEFFEX calls "a youthful movement for freedom’” has led to 4+ billion streams, millions of listeners, and a cult fan-base growing by thousands daily.


Gruenspan Große Freiheit 58 22767 Hamburg

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