Preserving Narratives through Food (Politics) :: WORKSHOP

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WORKSHOP 12.12.–14.12.2022

WITH Suresh Jayaram, Sandeep TK and Gosia Lehmann


OPEN CALL The workshop is open to all but has limited capacity. If you are interested to join us, kindly register until 10.12.2022 with subject line "Waiting Workshop" at

We cordially invite you to participate in the fourth Pausition in the framework of our project HOW WILL YOU ASCERTAIN TIME? – a workshop with Suresh Jayaram, Sandeep TK and Gosia Lehmann:

Food is politics, food is identity, food is the community, food is religion, food is sharing, food is waiting, and food is a dream.

What is food to you? What stories do you have around food? What memories and meanings do taste and smell carry? Have you ever carried a particular pocket of ingredients in your bag while traveling or trying to summon familiarity? These are among the questions that we are going to investigate during our concluding pausition in a series of four that have been exploring the essence of time and its shifting meaning through the senses, gestures, and movements of the body, in the framework of How Will You Ascertain Time?, a project that revolves around thinking of time through the lens of non-linear experience of waiting. Suresh Jayaram, Sandeep TK and Gosia Lehmann are inviting participants to a collective experience of sharing and making food together while telling stories of memories activated by the different tastes and aromas. While invoking personal stories around food and food-making, we will dive deeper in the political aspect of it in relation to migration and scarcity as well. Participants will have the chance to explore different approaches to temporality and to contemplate their own relationship to food and gathering around food in regards to time and the notion of waiting.

Suresh Jayaram is an artist, art historian, arts administrator, and curator from Bangalore. He is the Founder, Director of Visual Art Collective 1Shanhtiroad Studio/Gallery, an international artist’s residency and alternative art space in Bangalore, India. He is currently involved in art practice, urban mapping, archiving, curation, and arts education. His keen interest in environmental and urban developmental issues influences his work. Suresh Jayaram edited 1Shanthiroad Cookbook published by Reliable copy and authored Bangalore’s Lalbagh, a Chronicle of the garden and the City.

Sandeep TK is an artist from Thalassery, Kerala, who has been living and working in Bangalore at the art space 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery since 2015. his mediums are photographs, videos, and text looking at the experiences of queer class caste color identity in the Indian context by positioning himself as someone who transcended class and his interpersonal relationships and experience of this journey from a working-class background to an upwardly mobile circle. Sandeep TK ideated a food festival at 1Shanthiroad in Bangalore about food being cooked during pandemic lock-down with limited ingredients from the kitchens of working class and Queer families.

Gosia Lehmann is an artist in transit. Traversing between the disciplines, she observes the construction of the narratives that rule our society. Back from her voyages, Gosia Lehmann creates multi-media spaces, shining a spotlight on current themes and phenomena from the continuous emergence of reality. Her practice reflects the present times; dominated by technology and governed by data, where the boundaries between truth and fiction are blurry. She works with film, performance and scenography. In 2019 Gosia Lehmann initiated and co-founded Lagoon Parliament – an artist alliance challenging hierarchical conventions – providing an independent framework for art productions. She’s also co-founder and member of Solaris Space, Berlin.

FUNDING The project is funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.


SAVVY Contemporary
Reinickendorfer Straße 17
13347 Berlin

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