Short Films: Renegotiating Gender Scripts - ALFILM Arab Film Festival Berlin

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The screening is followed by a talk with Tareq Baconi, Caitlin McLoed, Anouch Basbous and Kawthar Younis

The short film program Renegotiating Gender Scripts brings together six shorts that differ  very much in their form and content. From the playful and daring One Like Him directed by Caitlin McLeod and written by Palestinian author Tareq Baconi, to the campy VHS Tape Replaced from the Saudi Arabian filmmaker Maha Al-Saati, or the award-winning chamber piece My Girl Friend by Egyptian director Kawthar Younis, the films of this program question traditional gender identities by presenting queer storylines and protagonists that renegotiate heteronormative gender roles. 

  1. One Like Him - Caitlin McLoed, Jordan and UK 2022, 16 min. Arabic with English subtitles
  2. VHS Tape Replaced - Maha Al-Saati, Saudi Arabia 2022, 17 min. Arabic with English subtitles
  3. Soha - Omar Gabriel, Lebanon 2022, 10 min. Arabic with English subtitles
  4. Hatef Sada - Anouch Basbous, Lebanon, France 2022, 8 min. Arabic with English subtitles
  5. My Girl Friend - Kawther Younis, Egypt 2022, 16 min. Arabic with English subtitles
  6. Warsha - Dania Bdeir, Lebanon 2022, 16 min. Arab. with English subtitles




Kino in der Kulturbrauerei Schönhauser Allee 36 10435 Berlin

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