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We invite you to celebrate the upcoming summer by discovering the famous GRANITA SICILIANA at a special price of 2€!

The event is going to be on all our Duo locations:

- Skalitzer Str. 82 (Kreuzberg)

- Skalitzer Str. 77 (Kreuzberg)

- Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 24 (Prenz)

- Schleiermacherstraße 9 (Bergmannkiez)

You will find traditional tastes like ALMOND, PISTACHIO, CHOCOLATE, LEMON, COFFEE, WILD BERRIES and of course lots of VEGAN options!

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What makes the DUO's GRANITA so special? That it based on the traditional Sicilian recipe. A kind of coarse sorbet that you can only discover at Duo so far. Real Italian craftsmanship is passionately practised here! The GRANITA differs from ice cream in that it is a semi-frozen liquid mixture prepared from water, sugar and a fruit juice or other ingredient (such as almond, pistachio, coffee).

Did you know that the GRANITA is the ice-cream ancestor and that originally the ice from the mountain was used to make it?

Here is a little bit of history! Thanks to the introduction of cane sugar by the Arabs in Sicily, people began to sip a drink based on fruit and cane sugar. The drink was kept in containers surrounded by snow or crushed ice. A first variation of granita, ancestor of ice cream, was made by mixing snow from Mount Etna with syrup and fruit juices. On the summit of the volcano, but also on the Mounts Nebrodi and Mounts Peloritani”, the "nivaroli" worked since the Middle Ages, collecting snow in caves in winter and transporting it to the sunny towns in summer, where they used it to prepare incomparable sorbets.

So we look forward to welcoming you


Duo - Sicilian Ice Cream Skalitzer Straße 82 10997 Berlin

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