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We create awesome events for expats and local communities. Social Melting Pot is a cultural exchange meeting where you can find people with whom you can improve your language skills, meet new friends and travel the world without leaving your city!


• What we're about

'Melting Pot' is a sociable and new way to practice another language, make local friends, and discover a different Cologne.

• Who are we?

We are people of all nationalities and ages. People from all kinds of amazing backgrounds speaking all sorts of different languages from beginner to advanced. We get together for some good drinks, practice languages, make friends, and have a nice time. During our events, you might hear people having conversations in over a dozen different languages!

• How many people go?

Currently in Cologne we have more than 200 guests coming every week.

• When do we meet? Every Wednesday, at 7pm! Yes, every week!

• Where? In the coziest and coolest Cafebar in Cologne. Die Wohngemeinschaft, Richard-Wagner-Straße 39 (Nähe Rudolfplatz)

• How does it work?

You will get different little sticker flags, your native language goes at the top. If you speak more than one, place them next to each other; then the rest in orden of proficiency.

• How much does it cost?

To cover our administrative costs and offer you the best experience we need your help! That's why we have a minimum consumption of 6€. There is no entrance fee, though.

• People look young and pretty in the photos, am I too old?

Nah! We just have really good photographers. This event is for all ages. The majority is 25 to 40 but we get plenty of people from outside that range.

• The bottom line:

If you are living in or close to Cologne or just arrive in the city and you would like to go to an event where people are interested in different cultures, practice different languages and make new friends, this may be the right place for you. Don't be shy if you are a new arrival in Cologne. Just come by and chill-out with us.


Mindestverzehr 6€


Die Wohngemeinschaft
Richard-Wagner-Straße 39
50674 Köln

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