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"Worst X-mas Stories" English Storytelling Night - presented by BOING! Comedy

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tickets starting at €7,50 at

Finally, there's a new kind of of Open Mic in town: Storytelling Nights! Everybody has a story to tell, and this is the place for it. You'll hear great storys, some funny, some sad, some exciting, some heartbreaking, some inspiring - but all of them interesting!

And this time it's all about the WORST christmas experiences - (don't worry, ont he 18th it'll be BEST christmas experiences), but didn't we all just sometimes have these days, where we hate christmas? Or where christmas is not how we wanted it to be? How things just didn't work out? There's tons of stories to share!

So either just buy a ticket and relax and listen to the engaging stories


write us, if you have a story to tell (

The shows take place at the "Echtzeit - Grill & Thrill" - which in our opinion has the best ribs in town (and also the best beyond meat burger), so if you'd like to enjoy some great food before the show, make sure to come way before the show (and maybe also reserve a table for eating before the show at the restaurant directly).

PLUS: For our christmas shows, there's Glühwein (!!!) - and you get your first Glühwein on the house!

about ticket pricing: There are different categories, so you can pay whatever you want. Those who have more and want to support the arts can pay more. There's one sponsor ticket, this includes a little "sponsor ad" at the end of the show. contact us at before buying it.


please buy tickets in advance at

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