Yu-Gun (DK) + Sniff (DE) at Loophole

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A night of indie, alternative and post-punk newcomers!

Yu-Gun (DK)

Having only just recently released their first demo EP, Yu-Gun is a very new Copenhagen rock outfit.

While the members share a background in the experimental parts of Copenhagen’s rock-scene, Yu-Gun is born with a radically different mantra, sharing a passion for straight forward, melodic songwriting with honest, even confessional lyrics. 

While the songs confront urban solitude with romanticism, elevating everyday monotony to dramatic heights, the music takes cues from the emotional side of alternative rock and post-punk, moving freely from pop-punk melodies to noise-rock crescendos. 


Sniff (DE)

Hailing from Italy, Australia, Britain and Scotland respectively, SNIFF is composed of Nico Pili (Vocals), James Pain (Drums), Chris White (Bass), and Daniel Murphy (Guitar). 

Their music reflects the smoky back rooms, late-night bars, and dysfunctional discos in which they met. 

Collaborating with producer Leonard Kaage (Errorr, the Underground Youth) in Spring 2021, the group got to work on recording their debut seven-track EP. Produced and mixed in Kaage’s recording studio, the self-titled EP (including singles Get Off and Trigger!) is due July 2022 via Anomic Records.


More info TBC


Loophole Berlin
Boddinstrasse 60
12053 Berlin

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