Blush Always
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Blush Always

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My Mum's Birthday - Blush Always

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In the artist's words:

With her debut album, Leipzig-based singer-songwriter Blush Always comes at just the right time. Due out in September 2023, "You Deserve Romance" is a self-empowerment manifesto with crashing indie rock guitars and irresistible melodies of captivating urgency.

Considering the playful ease with which Blush Always sings, plays, performs, yes: inhabits her songs on her debut album "You Deserve Romance," you don't want to believe for a moment that this woman has supposedly been doing all this for barely two years: playing guitar, singing along with it, performing with a band. In much the same way as Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy or Beabadoobee, Blush Always has distilled the essence of punk-inspired indie guitar music of the past 40 years with great pop sensibility. On "You Deserve Romance", she completely renegotiates the insights gained in this way - for her time, from the perspective of her generation.

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