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Das Letzte - OK KID

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In the artist's words:

The band OK KID, dubbed by Die Zeit as the "class spokesmen of an entire generation" and described by hundreds of thousands of festival-goers as one of the best live acts, are "finally back where it all began" AFTER 10 years

But there is much more to it than that. After having to (involuntarily) press pause for far too long, things are finally getting going again.

As with many other acts, the pandemic almost pulled the plug on OK KID. Concerts were announced, constantly canceled or postponed.

In addition to the increasingly precarious existential situation for the band, there is also the mental strain: how are you supposed to continue making music as your main profession when you've had hardly any income for four years?

OK KID would probably be history by now if something hadn't happened that they themselves would never have believed in, even with the greatest optimism: Their tour in April 2023, which had been postponed an infinite number of times, was almost sold out,

But that's not all: according to them, they have never felt so comfortable on stage. The response from the audience was overwhelming!

"This is more than just an anniversary. It's a completely new beginning."

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