Punk Life Balance
PHOTO: © Steffi Schorn

Punk Life Balance

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In the artist's words:

(post-punk, indie)
The nerdy little sister of work-life balance asks you about your attitude: What are you against and what are you for? What do you stand for?
The music of Punk Life Balance hits the bull's eye where doubts gnaw.

Sometimes someone has to be missing for others to find each other: Brought together by the early death of fellow musician Ian Maxwell, they meet in the old rehearsal room, split up his records and ask the question: "Are you still playing? Who still has a rehearsal room? Still up for it?
Two guitars, bass, drums - roots in the sound of the late seventies and nineties indie bands.
("...sounds like Kettcar, only not so cerebral and louder...")
("...sounds like Wipers, Gang of Four, Television,... only poppier...)
(...sounds like NDW, or Deutschrock, .... Zitronen...)
Is the personal political? Do you ask yourself about the punk life balance?
A part of your day, a part of your life, a part of your punk life balance.

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