DIY courses, workshops & city tours in Augsburg

Whether it's creative workshops, DIY courses, demos, wine tastings, escape games, city and art tours, cocktail courses or perhaps getting out of Augsburg and into nature? Active & Creative: the name says it all.

DIY, workshops, hikes, demos and other activities in Augsburg

Do you want to get creative in Augsburg? Then come and visit us. A variety of DIY workshops, hikes, demos and other exciting activities await you. Augsburg offers numerous opportunities to get creative, learn new things and stay active. Whether you are interested in arts and crafts and want to take part in a DIY workshop, want to explore nature through guided hikes or are interested in social movements by participating in demos, you will find the right activity in Augsburg. The city is known for its vibrant community, which regularly offers workshops in various fields such as painting, woodworking or textile design. These workshops are not only a great way to learn new skills, but also to meet like-minded people and exchange ideas. For nature lovers, Augsburg offers picturesque hiking trails that lead through the surrounding forests and parks, ideal places for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the tranquillity of nature. These guided tours are often informative and provide a perfect opportunity to get to know the local flora and fauna. Politically and socially engaged people also get their money's worth in Augsburg. The city has an active demonstration scene that campaigns for a wide range of issues. Participating in these events can be an enriching experience that not only raises knowledge but also awareness of important social and political issues. Whether you want to get creative, explore nature or campaign for social justice, Augsburg offers a wide range of activities to suit your interests and allow you to actively participate in city life.