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How rude of us. Let us introduce ourselves. We are a team full of culture-loving creative minds and we love going out. Do you too? Then you've come to the right place. Whatever is happening today, whether it's theater, a guest list for a concert, musical, exhibition, pop festival without admission, comedy or museum - we know about it and so do you. We research all the events in Augsburg and then suggest the ones we think are best. Carefully selected, incorruptible - every day. We recommend the best concerts, we know where the beer tastes best, which beer garden offers the most relaxed seating and which gallery exhibits the most interesting young artists. Our Picks of the Day are a kind of best-of album of the cultural scene every day. Whether it's a party, street art gallery or flea market, no event in Augsburg is too small, crazy or niche for us to include in our Picks of the Day. What we recommend in the end depends on our editors. Every day, we curate the most exciting events, from selected concerts to the best beer gardens and galleries with young talent. Our recommendations are a daily best-of of Augsburg's cultural scene, tailored to your tastes and interests. Let us be your guide to making the most of your day or weekend.
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