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"We're setting off!" - and if so, where will we arrive? Is there a safe haven in our post-pandemic society or against the backdrop of a world characterized by flight and migration? Departure from old structures into new social, societal and political concepts and forms that seem exciting and promising; departure into the uncertain and experimental: these figures of thought describe the theme of the current exhibition by the artist community Atelier Köln Süd at the [MA] Music Academy Köln Süd.

The title "Departure" echoes the longing to arrive, the fear of falling and the desire for expression. Breaking open also means "looking behind" or "looking inside" with strength, wit, courage and charm: in their works, the ten artists Arslan Ase Arslanov, Uli Brenner, Cécile Giriat, Katharina R. Hake, Kata Marosvari, Liss Nau, Marianne Otten, Ninotschka, Petra Steppat and Angelika Voigt-Kempe present their respective interpretations: The sky bursts open in gentle and serene as well as majestic acrylic paintings and a can of "Campbell's Tomato Soup" with red frogs tumbling out of it. An oil pastel drawing shows how a cavalier seems to be daring to set off and surrealistic depictions reveal a spiritual approach to the subject.

Thanks to a cooperation with the [MA] Köln Süd, the artist community cordially invites friends, art enthusiasts and players in the art world to the vernissage on June 8, 2024 at 7 pm at the Music Academy Köln Süd, Bayenthalgürtel 4, 50968 Cologne.

A preview at Atelier Köln Süd, Luxemburgerstraße 295, 50939 Cologne, shows part of the works from 01.06. to 07.06.2024.

The exhibition can be seen by visitors during the usual opening hours of the MA up to and including 06.07.2024.

Katharina Rebecca Hake



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Music Academy Köln Bayenthalgürtel 4 50968 Köln

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Atelier Köln Süd
Atelier Köln Süd Köln

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