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In the organizer's words:

"Every wall is a tragic fall.
Every wall falls.
A wall stands and falls.
A wall falls down and stands up again.
A wall stumbles, falls down and gets up again.
A wall is funny.
A wall that stands and doesn't fall is not funny.
A wall that you trip over is funny.
A wall that brings you down is tragic."

For Ingo, the Berlin Wall is anything but a "blink of an eye in history". Born in 1961, the day the Wall was built, the erection of the "anti-fascist protective wall" would determine his entire life in East Berlin. He waits in vain for his father, who has long since moved to West Berlin with a new family, while his mother remains silent and represses him and his home country continues to wall itself in. But when "staying here" is no longer an option for Ingo and he is finally allowed to "cross over", legally by applying for an exit visa, it is November 9, '89 and the border is suddenly open.

Four playwrights from East and West, born before and after the "Wende", have developed a play about life in a divided city in a collective writing process. A family story in East and West poses the question of the meaning of walls that divide us and are constantly being rebuilt.

The jury of the Friedrich Luft Prize was impressed by this "powerful, touching production steeped in contemporary history". #BerlinBerlin receives the Friedrich Luft Prize for the "best Berlin and Potsdam performance of 2018".

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Theater Strahl Marktstraße 11 10317 Berlin

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