BIBIZA - bis einer weint 2025 - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

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Franz and his Hawara get back on the bus, firstly to and secondly, because he wants to anyway not manage to go home anyway. He lives so, the BIBIZA, although he tries really hard to to tip away. "I will die earlyn, so come to my concerts," he said at the "Wiener Schickeria"-album, You remember. But thirdly that was the "Mr.Pessimist", and fourththirdly happens that meanwhile also owithout such sayings. Neverthelesswhat lies, that picks. Especially at BIBIZA shows - here a few Keywords: Full band, full can, awesome stage, body odors, sociabilityeagerness, controllossloss of control, adult beverages, other substances, raunch, beats, lyrics and rock'n'roll just like in the shamless times ofof BIBIZA's grandma. And all this in overcrowded huts. So it's all about fun, of course, but also a bit about the dubious, the borderline-So it's also a test of courage test of courage, a BIBIZA-concert. Until someone cries. So we say: Cowardly! And off we go let's go!

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