Black Mirror Careers von Immersive GameBox

In the organizer's words:

The AI revolution begins on a day when algorithms decide to take over.

take over. A world in which progress is taking its toll and humans are gradually being replaced by

are gradually being replaced by sophisticated AI systems that supposedly know everything better. But instead of

to be put on the bench, the immersive game "Black Mirror Careers" offers an exciting

exciting way to master the challenges of the new AI age. In a world

between euphoria and dystopia, this immersive gaming experience gives every smart player the

player the chance to invest in the future.

"Black Mirror Careers" promises not only an innovative approach to gaming,

but also an exciting glimpse into the future - the next step in your professional

development has never been so captivating! An experience that revolutionizes perspectives and leads into an

exciting world of tomorrow.

After an initial test of player skills in logic, communication and leadership through a series

of tough challenges, the game begins. Whether alone or in a team of up to six people

you have to fight your way through insane mazes, build crazy shapes and prove your skills at 3D virtual paddleball.

virtual paddleball to prove your talent. Then it's time to find out whether the player has what it takes to be a door-to-door

door-to-door NFT salesman or become the human pet of an advanced AI. Or

will he become the guardian of the last tree in the Amazon?

"Black Mirror Careers" offers fans of the TV series and newcomers alike the opportunity to

a fully imagined dystopian universe in an entertaining and exciting way," says

way," says Immersive Gamebox founder and CEO Will Dean. "The experience with

Black Mirror Careers explores some really dark concepts with a tongue-in-cheek and playful

a playful twist, and we think the audience will love it." Banijay represents

a range of global ancillary rights for the Black Mirror brand. Created by Charlie Brooker

and Annabel Jones, the critically acclaimed dystopian drama taps into our collective unease with

the modern world. Each standalone episode is a sharp, suspenseful

story that explores themes of contemporary techno-paranoia.

In collaboration with Banijay, the brains behind "Black Mirror", Black Mirror Careers brings the

innovative tech features of the Immersive Gamebox into play. With projection mapping, 3D

motion capture and surround sound, the player is completely immersed in the experience.

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Price information:

Tickets are available from €25, with discounts for students and other special deals


Immersive Gamebox Alexanderplatz Dircksenstraße 92 10178 Berlin

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