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They have been trading for centuries: the Buddenbrooks. In Feridun Zaimoglu's new interpretation of Thomas Mann's novel of the century, however, they have long since switched from grain to guns. While Thomas celebrates success in the arms trade, Christian tries his hand at bookselling. But the end of their time is approaching, suspiciously observed by the Hagenströms' comments and initiated by the extravagances of the art-loving offspring Hanno.

"The opera Buddenbrooks was not intended to be a museum for the German bourgeoisie of the 19th century. Rather, I wanted to uncover what Thomas Mann has to say to us today with his magnum opus, and during my work on the opera I was very surprised at how close the 19th century is to the 21st century with all its themes, visions and struggles."
Ludger Vollmer

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