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In the organizer's words:

In the "magic underwear circle" Tom meets his ancestor from the Stone Age, who lets him share millennia of wisdom: Men are hunters and women are gatherers; a fact that human evolution has apparently been unable to change to this day. What the average man has always suspected, Tom now knows firsthand, too, and wonders, "Why don't we just think of women and men as two completely different cultures? With different languages, different behaviors, and different backgrounds?"

Energized by this realization, Tom explores the alienating universe of female collectors: this mysterious world of best friends, shopping, and sex. With an immense need to share, dry humor and an ironic eye, Tom also observes the hunter's way of life. He reveals what fulfillment "sitting around without talking" can mean, why men need to zap through the TV program, and that a conversation among hunters begins and ends simultaneously with the words "Let's go down to the basement, drill stuff."

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Price information:

Admission one hour before the start of the performance


WERK7 theater Speicherstraße 22 81671 München

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