PHOTO: © Ta-Trung

Chaos Kompass · Eine Produktion mit jungen Menschen

In the organizer's words:

How do I want to live? Where do I belong? What do I want to become?

Young people are constantly faced with the challenge of finding their bearings and making important decisions. In a chaotic, fast-paced and exciting world, they are looking for direction. But how do you use your inner compass in a time of seemingly endless possibilities?

The production "Chaos Kompass", directed by choreographer Bahar Meriç, explores these questions with people aged between 16 and 27. In a joint research process, they used movement, dance and music to develop their own piece that wanders through different stages of life. Whether doubtful, overwhelmed or completely self-determined and optimistic, they show their individual and collective attempts to navigate their own visions.

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Theater an der Parkaue Parkaue 29 10367 Berlin

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