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Club Oopsy is a combination performance event and club night organized by artist Bully Fae Collins making its debut on June 22nd. Throughout the night a series of performance artists will make brief interventions during DJ sets, giving us many oopsies and making us say "What the fuck is going on in here?" This is a celebration of happy accidents, laughing after the fall, and saying yes to the chaos in us all. As Nietzsche once said, "One must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star." We want to dance the night away in a space between the sacred and the profane. In our epic collaborative oopsy we don't just slip on the banana peel, we ride it like a surfboard into another dimension. Club Oopsy is a cry for levity sung by the queer troublemakers of Berlin. At this interdisciplinary event we want to bring together a community of people who love nightlife and performance art. It is a testing ground for new ideas and an attempt to break the expectations of what a club night is. Bring every character and genre and flavor and let's toss our salads. All aboard the Spiral-Mobile, first stop, CLUB OOPSY!!!

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anorak Gottlieb-Dunkel-Straße 43 12099 Berlin

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