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COMMON TONGUE • Aspettando Bo - Rampa Prenestina

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International Roma Theater Festival
12.- 15.06.2024
Grüner Salon - Volksbühne - Ballhaus Ost

Berlin's first international Roma theater festival searches for a common language in eight performances from Germany, Italy, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic: What unites Roma* apart from hatred towards them? And how is it possible to communicate with the rest of society after centuries of oppression?

These are stories of mothers who were forcibly sterilized. Of fathers who helped build states that persecuted them. Of girls and women who respond to sexualized violence with a curse and who explore how trauma affects intimacy and desire. They are dreams of a society in which ghettoization becomes history once and for all.

Perhaps a common language is possible if everyone focuses on a vision of a future society without the oppression of women, men and children. If Roma* are prepared to talk and the gadje listen carefully.

A project by RomaTrial e.V. in cooperation with Volksbühne, Ballhaus Ost and Collegium Hungaricum Berlin. Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds

12.06.2024 - 20:00 - Grüner Salon

Festival opening - TE KREMENIES - Estera Sara Stan and Sandra Krause

In German/Romanes - English translation

30 minutes

Followed by a DJ party

Estera and Sandra are fed up. Having to explain themselves, having to prove themselves, being made to feel small, being seen as objects, not being taken seriously, being intimidated. The play "Te Kremenies" is made up of their thoughts and experiences as women and expresses their anger and weariness.

A production by Estera Sara Stan and Sandra Krause. With the support of RomaTrial eV, Kuringa and the Grüner Salon of the Volksbühne

The Roma theater festival opens with the young theater makers from Berlin. Afterwards, a DJ party will celebrate the coming together of eight international Roma ensembles and solo performers.

COMMON TONGUE - International Roma Theater Festival Berlin


Wednesday, 12.06. 8 pm @Grüner Salon
Opening party with performance and music

"Te Kremenies" by Estera Stan and Sandra Krause - Germany, 30′
& opening DJ party

Thursday, 13.06.
6 pm @Grüner Salon
"Aspettando Bo" ("Waiting for Bo") by Rampa Prenestina - Italy, 60′

8 pm @Ballhaust Ost
"Builders of the Country" by Independent Theatre Hungary - Hungary, 120′

Friday, 14.06.
6 pm @Grüner Salon
"DAJORI" by AraArt - Czech Republic, 75′

8 pm @Ballhaust Ost
"Trauma Kink" by Giuvlipen - Romania, 75′

Saturday, 15.06.
6 pm @Volksbühne - 3rd floor

"Ukraine 22 - Cut!" Performance by Sebastian Spinella, Italy: 15′

"COMMON TONGUE - New European Networking", panel, 75′

@Grüner Salon

"How to be a good ally (of our allies)" Kristóf Horváth - Stand-up

"ECHOES or There is a General Rehaersal going on in Paradise" by and with Andriana Seecker - Dance Performance

"Tehno Vrăjitoarele" by and with Kali & Niko G. - Rap

& closing DJ party with Karacho Rabaukin

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Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Linienstraße 227 10178 Berlin

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