Daphne de Luxe - "Artgerecht - Ein tierisch menschliches Programm"

In the organizer's words:

Daphne de Luxe presents cabaret, comedy and the odd song in her programs. Situational comedy, improvisational talent and taking up current social issues make each of her performances unique. It is her authenticity that touches and inspires. And when she enters the stage in one of her sensual dresses, a murmur often goes through the hall.

Privately, Daphne de Luxe is quite different. In contrast to her extremely tough, brash and quick-witted stage counterpart, the private Daphne is sometimes rather conservative. No glamour and no "de Luxe Make-up", but gardening, chickens and the cultivation of old vegetable varieties occupy the "XL Barbie" of the German comedy scene, when she is not on stage. The blonde power woman has a wide range of interests and her loyal fans know that she could just as easily have become a successful zoologist. The existing expertise is astounding. And so it was only a matter of time before these topics ended up in one of her stage programs.

"Artgerecht - Ein tierisch menschliches Programm" is the title of the new program and it delivers what it promises. Daphne de Luxe humorously draws parallels between humans and animals, explains why men love to look at women's cleavage and shares surprising insights with her audience.

"Artgerecht" stands equally for the amusing observations about the coexistence of people and how it is changing. The humorist takes a critical look at our consumer and eating behavior, but of course never forgets the pleasure without regret in all this. New songs and anecdotes, lots of humor and self-irony make for mercilessly good entertainment. The entertainer, often referred to as the likeable "Wuchtbrumme", chats deliberately ambiguously about her view of things and gives her audience the feeling of listening to the amusing stories of their best friend. An evening could hardly be more entertaining.

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