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Der Anruf

In the organizer's words:

Thriller chamber play by Stephan Eckel

The night shift in a computer call center. Employee Eva receives a call from Marc, who is having problems with his laptop. During the conversation, the unknown man proves to be likeable, attentive, funny and charming. They flirt with each other, exchange compliments and are on the verge of arranging a meeting.

Then the tables turn. Marc reveals himself to be Eva's stalker, who enjoys frighteningly detailed insights into her private life. A cat-and-mouse game begins with the man on the phone, who increasingly turns out to be a serious threat. Because Eva has a dark secret that becomes increasingly clear ...

A thrilling play about perpetrators and victims that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end. Because nothing is as it seems, no one is without guilt.

with Sabine Barth, Christiane Reichert and Daniel Wandelt. Director: Christiane Reichert

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Price information:

20 Euro (reduced 15 Euro)


Theater an der Luegallee Luegallee 4 / Eingang Burggrafenstraße 40545 Düsseldorf