DER FREIBEUTER - Nach "The Rover" von Aphra Behn in der Übersetzung von Tobias Schwartz

In the organizer's words:


based on "The Rover" by Aphra Behn

Premiere June 22, 2024

It's Carnival and Naples is transformed into a glamorous hotspot of passion. The whole city is in the throes of love and eagerly awaits the wild nights in magnificent masks and costumes.

masks and costumes. However, a horde of stranded British ruffians don't care about decency or rules and stir up the city in a big way. But the 'Brit Boys' don't count on the free-spirited women of the city, who direct the game in their own way with cunning and wit - the chaos is perfect!

Performed by the Monbijou ensemble.

Direction & music: Samia Chancrin

Translation: Tobias Schwartz

Stage design: Carlotta Schuhmann

Costume: Isa Mehnert & Heike Hartmann

Props: Steffen Nitzel & Veronica Toledo

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Monbijou Theater Berlin

Organizer | Event Series

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