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Der Ring des Nibelungen – Siegfried

In the organizer's words:
Wagner described his SIEGFRIED as a "heroic comedy," and its balance between comic and tragic elements remains the challenge for its directors to this day. For Herheim, it is the act of the play that joins the opposites into a whole. The boundaries between animal and human become as blurred as those between the characters and their creator... Conductor: Nicholas Carter [Cycle 1] / Sir Donald Runnicles; Director: Stefan Herheim; With Clay Hilley, Ya-Chung Huang, Iain Paterson, Jordan Shanahan, Tobias Kehrer, Lindsay Ammann, Elisabeth Teige and others.
Two ways of experiencing life are described in the two middle pieces of the tetralogy: while Brünnhilde's maturing process in the WALKÜRE takes place through the experience of suffering and compassion to the conscious reflection of being human, Siegfried's path is shaped solely by the sensual experience of the ego. If at first it is only the exploration of his own, almost limitless physical strength that forms the young man's self-image, other sensory impressions and finally the experience of awakening sexuality soon join in. Not only man and woman, but also two principles collide in SIEGFRIED: on the one hand, Siegfried's natural drive, unclouded by any doubts, and on the other, Brünnhilde's wisdom gained from participant observation. And with the unification of these two opposing forces in the loving couple, at the end of the work the basis for a new foundation of human society seems for a moment to be in the room. This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

The three cycles are sold exclusively as a four-performance package. An exchange between the individual cycles is not possible. Package prices: € 960,00 / € 720,00 / € 480,00 / € 320,00 / € 240,00


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