Die Magier 4.0.

In the organizer's words:

What happens when magic, rock and comedy meet? Entertainer Christopher Köhler provides the answers with the new stage program of his successful show "The Magicians". New artists, new sensations: With "Die Magier 4.0", Köhler once again proves just how multifaceted magic can be: from shocking performances by the bad boy of the German magic scene himself - Christopher Köhler - to classic magic from world champion André Desery and entertaining stand-up comedy from Jens Wienand. These three are an explosive mix - and show how close humor, amazement and thrills are to each other!

Each of them brings their very own style to the stage - a show could hardly be more varied. As usual, provocative, unbelievable, spontaneous and incredibly funny in the truest sense of the word. And when Christopher Köhler is at work, one thing is guaranteed: It will be extreme. Above all, extremely entertaining.

Köhler has been on tour with the ensemble concept "Die Magier" since 2017 and has been captivating audiences across Germany ever since - between scary, bizarre, pointed and magical. This is exactly how the new program will continue in 2024 - are you ready?

"The Magicians 4.0" are:
Christopher Köhler is "THE ROCKER "
Whether risky tricks with razor-sharp razor blades, rusty nails and countless shards of glass or daring stunts that take your breath away just watching: Christopher Köhler blurs the boundaries between magic and reality. He skillfully combines magic with his passion for rock music and shows that magic has far more bass than its dusty image might suggest - "Rock'n'Magic". As the bad boy of the German magic scene, he has found a niche that reflects the current zeitgeist. 08/15 sleight of hand? Not with him. Köhler has been "rocking" the German (television) stages in grand style for over 15 years.

André Desery is "THE WORLD CHAMPION "
His stage performance starts with style, charm and a magic hat and ends in applause. He impressed at the World Championships of the Performing Arts in the USA, winning them with his ambitious classic card routine, among other things, and has been able to call himself World Champion of the Performing Arts since 2019. Now he is packing up his deck of cards, joining the Magicians 4.0 and going on tour in Germany. With magical humor and guaranteed rabbit-free, he performs classic magic at a world-class level.

Jens Wienand is "THE COMEDIAN "
Jens Wienand improvises, interacts and involves: with humor, wit and stories that can only come from a keen observer of life. He captivates his audience with authentic stories that amuse, inspire them to think outside the box or move them to empathize and sympathize. Influenced by American stand-up - with the soul of improvised theater - Jens Wienand offers an entertaining and amusing show that truly varies every evening.

Organizer: Capitol Betriebs GmbH

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Capitol Mannheim Waldhofstraße 2 68169 Mannheim

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