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Pick of the day - today in Mannheim



Oh, hi! How nice of you to join us here. We are Rausgegangen, a team full of people who love nothing more than exploring the city while going out. With us, you'll find the best events in Mannheim all in one place. Whether concerts, plays, exhibitions, markets or film festivals: we make sure that you are always well informed about what's happening in Mannheim. What concert is taking place at the Alte Feuerwache this weekend? When can I finally experience jazz at Ella&Louis again? Which DJ am I going to be up all night with in my room on Friday? And when can I finally go to the open air rave at Hafen49 again? And which are the best vegan cafés to go to? We always know what's happening and so do you! As you browse through the categories, you'll not only find lots of events for kids, sports fans, music fans, theater lovers and flea market detectives, but also a hand-picked selection of Picks of the Day from our editorial team. From now on, you will no longer drown in the flood of events in Mannheim. We'll help you organize your perfect day, evening or weekend. So shoo shoo, out you go!
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