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Endless Wellness – präsentiert von Rausgegangen

In the organizer's words:

A little bit of Austrian Big Chief. A bit of that raw 90s indie rock sound. That's the sound of the Viennese band Endless Wellness. Overdriven Western guitars strum along with dark synthesizers and melodic organs over obscurely poetic lyrics. This year they are going on "What a tour" in six German cities!

The four musicians Philipp, Adele, Hjörtur and Milena have been friends for around 13 years. They were already making music as teenagers and have finally been playing together since 2021. The deep familiarity of a long-standing friendship forms the basis for the intimate and confrontational lyrics, which deal with mental health, everyday life and society: on a large and small scale. Even if their lyrics usually sound heavy, their sound always remains danceable, challenging and driving.

Without question, they create a feeling of community and a desire for more at their concerts. More music, more dancing, more live! It's almost as if you take hope in the faint of heart and enjoy the time you have left together.

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