PHOTO: © (c) Moritz Haase

Ausverkauft | Es kann doch nur noch besser werden

In the organizer's words:
"AI: We'll be alive - well, alive - when the rain comes and the cold comes, when the heat burns the trees, we'll be here when you're out - looking for the better world - we'll still be here when there's finally peace. When the servers laugh and the devices."

Sibylle Berg's new play is dark, clear-sighted and entertaining at the same time - even if there is little hope for a happy ending. A generation of overly carefree technology-loving digital nomads has given their lives away to a few helpful AIs and friendly, open-minded tech giants. They have bequeathed to the next generation a world in which real life and virtual reality have merged. Both have long since been shaped not primarily by humans, but by AIs. "Person" must now grapple with the fact that this metaverse has not become a paradise, but an eerily similar image of the old world. How could this happen? What started out to be more beautiful, more just and more peaceful, now reproduces the same old rules and cruelties? There is literally nothing left of the chic of digital minimalism when suddenly the cloud is shut down unexpectedly or the power fails.

The German-Swiss playwright SIBYLLE BERG is one of the most incisive voices of contemporary theater, but also a well-known columnist and novelist. Sibylle Berg's theme is always the neoliberal aggravation of social injustice and the involvement of technologies in this development. This content has been machine translated.


Berliner Ensemble Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 1 10117 Berlin

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