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Five Mics

Underground Fame

Five Mics, that's five microphones and five guys with five stories that couldn't be more different. But Five Mics is not a boy band cast together. What unites the guys is their love of the art form and that they all come from the same "hood," or neighborhood. And as different as the lives of these five guys have been, you can tell that the comedy, the music, and the background has shaped them all equally. The individual differences can be seen on stage, where everything complements each other perfectly. From completely overdriven, but also a bit "laydback", so leaning on earlier, completely clumsy, but also a bit mischievous, the thing goes to the core -but with feeling. The Five Mics are the Wise Guys of the comedy scene, but just a bit more street.

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Weststadthalle Essen Thea-Leymann-Straße 23 45127 Essen

Artist | Comedian

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