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If you've always thought that spoken soccer commentary is old-fashioned, worn-out and boring, you've come to the right place!

Genuine emotion instead of bland phrase-mongering. That's the promise of hip cats from the local scene, who will be joining us in the hall on Friday evening to commentate the eternal classic France vs. the Netherlands live with improvised music.

"If the score is 1:0 for France after the first half, the Netherlands will have to score two goals to win the game," says soccer expert and pianist Peter Köcke.

Saxophonist Milan Kühn is more the man for the rough stuff. "I can't stand the Brazilian fiddling any more. We used to hit it from all positions and distances. One or two somehow went in," Kühn tells us in an interview, for whom long-range shot great and current Dutch national coach Ronald Koeman is the "best ever". Will Milan Kühn's soccer philosophy be transferred to his saxophone playing? We'll find out on Friday.

Drummer Sebastian Lindecke is of the opinion: "You have to be prepared at all times to catch a red ticket for the team and be sent to the showers early. If you don't have that mindset, what are you doing in team sports?"

From 20:30 we invite you to the pre-match coverage. Soccer with live jazz commentary. We are excited.

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