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Frühlings Erwachen

You cannot miss this event.
In the organizer's words:

The drama, which was written in 1890/91 and premiered in Berlin in 1906, is set at the end of the 19th century. At the center of the play are high school students Melchior Gabor and Moritz Stiefel as well as fourteen-year-old Wendla Bergmann. The young people search - desperately and in vain - for answers to the pressing problems of puberty.

The play has not lost any of its topicality: school or sexual problems of young people, which parents and teachers meet with a lack of empathy or indifference, as well as a lack of education, often lead to human tragedies even today. (Source:

In our production, the play is performed from the perspective of the young people, consciously using their aesthetic impression. - A conferencer and four players take on all the roles in the play. The adult world remains closed to the young people. Just as Wedekind's adults have grotesque, exaggerated names and features, they are also seen on stage through the eyes of the four real young protagonists Moritz, Melchior, Wendla and Ilse. We talk about the adolescents, not really with them.

There is no longer any possibility of communication between the generations, they are trapped in their respective worlds and the drama takes its course.

Wedekind's expressionist ending in the cemetery and the figure of the "hooded gentleman" become key moments. Is there a way out of the speechlessness, will the young people do better one day?

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