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The VPT interprets ghost hunter John Sinclair

Evil can dress nice and warm! Because when the five exceptional mimes from Wuppertal conquer the stages of the republic, energy and tears of laughter flow in streams. All sons and daughters of light by nature, they turn even the darkest fantasies into brightly shining punchlines. No room for gloom, no room for misery, no room for evil. Wherever the VPT appears, hope, enthusiasm and happiness shine forth. Guided by ghost-hunting coolness and a detective's flair for madcap humor, Das VPT goes to work and transforms every concert hall and theater stage into a seething cauldron of merriment!

"The millennium was still young. Science and technology were replacing the belief in the supernatural. But evil still existed. And it was clever! One man was chosen to fight against the forces of darkness. Demons called him the Son of Light, his friends called him the Ghostbuster."

The VPT calls him: "JOHN". 50 years of John Sinclair

John Sinclair, chief inspector of a special department at Scotland Yard, is called upon to fight evil wherever he encounters it. He must not give up, otherwise hell would triumph.

The novels about the Son of Light have been published for 50 years now and have inspired a loyal readership in well over 2000 editions. No less successful is the radio play series about the ghost hunter, which has more than 160 episodes and comes in an incomparably action-packed production and absolutely cinematic sound - just made for the audio collage makers at VPT.

Back in the late noughties, when Das VPT took on the stage adaptation of the Sinclair material, Jason Dark (prince of horror literature, inventor and author of the Son of Light stories since 1973) himself remarked: "Now I finally know what my John Sinclair looks like."

For VPT, this is both an accolade and a challenge to open a new chapter in VPT's history and to dedicate the show to the ghost hunter that he deserves after 50 years of tirelessly fighting evil.

A hell of a lot of fun!

There is no question that the audience can expect great things. VPT wouldn't be VPT if it didn't tell the story of John Sinclair in "its own words". And that always means a terrific mixture of homage and satire.

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