PHOTO: © Schaubühne / Franziska Lantermann


In the organizer's words:
A nightmare comes true: an actor enters the stage and realizes that he is in the wrong play. A white room is filled with wooden boxes, not even the stage set is built. The audience, however, is already there and looks expectantly and hopefully at the actor, who now begins to play ... But what? He does not know the play in which he has landed. He is wrong. A mistake. An artistic error. But what if there was also an opportunity in the mistake, a creative principle? And so he begins to create something out of nothing that somehow fits into this stage world that opens up before him unfinished, while the question hovers menacingly over his play: Is this already something? Is what he is doing here enough? At what point is what something? And maybe he is not alone with all these questions?
In his second production at the Studio, ensemble member Bastian Reiber enters the depths of nothingness and becomes a creator against his will - not of the world, but of the play that he must create out of necessity. This content has been machine translated.


Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz Kurfürstendamm 153 10709 Berlin

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