PHOTO: © Globe Berlin/Thorsten Wulff

Hamlet von William Shakespeare

In the organizer's words:

A drama of German soul. Newly translated by Christian Leonard. Open air

The story of a failed hero, representative of an entire generation that sees its values and ideals betrayed by abuse of power, manipulation and corruption. A production in the tradition of classic Globe Theater with emblematic costumes and a simple, poetic visual language that brings Shakespeare's study of human nature and his linguistic masterpiece to the fore.

With: Peter Beck, Rahul Chakraborty, Helena Krey, Benjamin Krüger, Philipp Myk, Uwe Neumann, Saskia von Winterfeld

Director: Mathias Schönsee / Music: Bernd Medek / Dramaturgy: Christian Leonard

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Price information:

Only remaining tickets at the Box Office (surcharge 2 €, no concessions)


Globe Berlin Sömmeringstraße 15 10589 Berlin