In the organizer's words:

Finally La Dolce Vita in Heidelberg again at the very first Italiano Sprizz of the year!

The sun is shining, birds are chirping. You sit with your crew in the open air, sipping your second Limoncello Sprizz with relish, while Italian electronic sounds slowly make you unable to keep still. The Aperol bubbles, your feet tap to the beat. Finally, you can really switch off again.

With us, that vacation feeling is guaranteed. We may not be the Amalfi Coast, but we can still offer dolce vita - every Thursday until late summer, at Kleine Freiheit in front of halle02.

You can expect a great selection of Italian special drinks from the classic Aperol Sprizz to Campari Soda to Malfy Negroni and many more to round off the evening. A selection of antipasti from the Italian kitchen is available and our favorite DJs provide the acoustic bliss. Whether you chill out in a hanging chair or hit the dance floor is entirely up to you - and maybe even your third drink.

Experience even more Kleine Freiheit at the Wine Friday with Vino & Vinyl and the Open Air Raves on Saturdays.

*Only cashless payment (EC card, credit card, contactless) is possible at our location.

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Kleine Freiheit | halle02 Zollhofgarten, vor der halle02 69115 heidelberg

Location | Venue

halle02 Zollhofgarten 2 69115 Heidelberg

Location | Venue

Kleine Freiheit Dammstraße 2 49084 Osnabrück