Start the day with yoga on the Neckar, followed by a delicious breakfast - the perfect energy boost for the day! 🧘‍♀️☀️🥣 - HANNAH

Pick of the day - today in Heidelberg



What's happening? Let us introduce ourselves. We are Rausgegangen, a team full of adventurous and curious people who have made it our mission to recommend the best events in Heidelberg to you. Because we know first-hand: sometimes it's overwhelming to find the right evening or weekend program in the flood of options. Who's playing at halle02 on Friday? When is Ping Pong Social Club at Karlstorbahnhof again? Which play will be staged at Theater Heidelberg next month? When is the next flea market? And where can I get the nicest vegan café latte in town? Whether you're a party animal, concert goer, foodie or theater lover: in our categories you'll find the most worthwhile events for kids, the most exciting plays, the funniest comedy events and the most energetic parties. All in one place, hand-picked and curated by our local editorial team. On top of that, we recommend our daily event favorites to make it even easier for you to have a great evening or an unforgettable weekend. So let's get out and about!
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