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Ausverkauft | Kapitel 1: Collini-Center / Schwindelfrei Festival

In the organizer's words:

The Agency for New Utopias emerges where utopian architecture is threatened with demolition. They salvage the remnants, sample visions and create new utopias on the ruins of the past. Their salvage site: the Collini Center in Mannheim.

In the face of current events - wars, conflicts and natural disasters - Utopia is receding, almost invisible. At the same time, few things seem more urgent - ideas, hopes and plans that give us a glimpse of how things could go on. So why not go to the places that were once thought and built utopian? The interdisciplinary team ventures an archaeology of unrealized utopias. And explores what we can learn from them in its residency as part of the Schwindelfrei Festival. Chapter 1: In seemingly hopeless times, Collini-Center asks nothing less than a big question: What can our future look like?

To this end, it networks with the city and its inhabitants, with their experiences and visions.

The Agency for New Utopias is an interdisciplinary network of utopians and visionaries initiated by performer Ricarda Walter, scenographer Sophie Lichtenberg and sound artist Friedrich Byusa Blam.

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zeitraumexit T6 18 68161 Mannheim

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Schwindelfrei Festival
Schwindelfrei Festival E4, 6 68159 Mannheim

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