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Kasi goes on tour in 2024

Driver's license and vehicle documents please - Kasi goes on tour in 2024

"I don't have much to offer you, I think, I stay up until seven" - Kasi is not a show-off, not a nerd, and not someone who plays the winner. In general, he makes little effort to be perfect and is more in search of authenticity. Between youthful naivety and mercilessly adult self-reflection, rap, guitar sounds and vocals, going and staying, Kasi very consciously allows contradictions. He doesn't have a real plan. The only thing that is clear is that this constant dichotomy makes him one of the most exciting new discoveries that the German music market has to offer in 2023.

But from the beginning. Kasi was born in Frankfurt am Main in 2000. In the inner-city district of Bockenheim, he is confronted with stark contrasts from an early age. There are only ever a few hundred meters between the Main Tower and the red light district. Kasi internalizes the life between the two worlds with his first breath - and his affinity for music is also born in his cradle. Together with his father, he listened to indie rock and punk as a child and could soon sing along to songs by Wir Sind Helden or Blink-182 in his sleep. He is just nine years old when he discovers "Stadtaffe" by Peter Fox. From then on, he became more and more interested in rap. The search for an identity between chanting and guitar pop would shape him - and is by no means complete to this day. It accompanied him through his D.I.Y.-influenced skater years and into his first own musical attempts, which Kasi undertook around three years ago without any classical training or commercial ambition and uploaded to Soundcloud. In 2021, he moved to Freiburg to study, the city-turned-counterpart to his native Main metropolis.

There he met producer and aesthetics brain Antonius - an encounter that marked a turning point in his artistic work. Together they create a sound that reflects Kasi's musical socialization with astonishing precision and in which he seems to be completely absorbed. Lively, melancholy indie pop elements are now mixed with casual rap delivery and informal vocal melodies - the perfect framework for Kasi's lyrics, which oscillate between world-weariness and lightness. "Boys Don't Cry" is the result of their very first session together and is the song that first attracts the attention of major labels after its release. A first small hype arises. Creative vacations in Berlin, where Kasi shared the studio with star producers such as Tobias Kuhn and Nikolai Potthoff, became increasingly frequent. His career seems to be taking off - even though, strictly speaking, he never wanted it to. Perhaps this is precisely his formula for success, this straightforward refusal to force a drawing board vision.

Kasi actually goes into his sessions unprepared, writing entirely depending on the form of the day. He lets himself drift, does not want to bow to any image. Whether every note is right? Not so important at first, as long as the atmosphere is right. In the wake of "Vielleicht in einem Jahr", Kasi is now making his debut with the major Sony Music label he recently signed with in January 2022. In the song, Kasi makes his emotional life transparent, writing a sincere letter to a person who means the world to him despite an interpersonal rift. Pointed wordplay and a shallow guitar riff, which runs through the track as a constant, culminate in a catchy hook that is already circulating prominently on TikTok.

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