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In the organizer's words:

This year, the 30th Christopher Street Day is taking place in Oldenburg. Our motto is "On the barricades for QUEERE human rights!". We are currently seeing people turning away from the democratic majority and opting for extremist, fascist, racist and misanthropic ideologies. With our CSD and this year's motto, we are clearly speaking out against these groups, such as the AfD, the Werteunion and the Sahra Wagenknecht alliance, as well as their sympathizers. We are taking to the barricades and want to stand up for the preservation of what makes up our diverse society.

In addition, we continue to demand in particular the inclusion of the characteristics "gender identity and sexual orientation" in Article 3 of the Basic Law. We are not backing down an inch and are making an important contribution to an open, tolerant and diverse society with our demonstrations. In doing so, we are advocating an active and demanding inclusive society based on the fundamental values of our democratic constitution.

But we are not just looking at Germany. Internationally, there are also massive restrictions on queer human rights in many countries, such as Russia, the USA, Uganda and others, which lead to queer people being threatened:

"In 66 states, homosexuality is still prosecuted, and in 12 countries, lesbians and gays even face the death penalty. Some of them even partially enforce the death penalty: Iran, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen. The death penalty is also a legal possibility in Afghanistan, Brunei, Mauritius, Qatar, Pakistan, Uganda and the United Arab Emirates. In many places, state authorities are involved in the oppression of LGBTIQ* people, denying them any protection from hostility and violence."

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