Laughing Spree Comedy: English Comedy on a BOAT (with FREE SHOTS)

In the organizer's words:

It's Berlin's #1 (and only) English Comedy Show on a Boat. On the Spree. It's Laughing Spree Comedy!

HAPPY HOUR with special discounted drinks offers is from 7pm!

Berlin's most scenic comedy show will brighten up your evening and make you laugh.

Laughing Spree Comedy is a weekly comedy show, hosted by Chris Doering, with an extremely friendly atmosphere and some of Berlin's finest comedians, lots of guest comedians and the occasional first timer.

When? Every Tuesday & Sunday
Where? The Floating Lounge

Each comedian has 5-7 minutes to make you laugh.

See you buoys and gulls aboard. Keep on laughing!

Some words from the audience:
★★★★★ " It was hilarious. Best comedy ever. Will go back there again. " - Xinqi - South Korea
★★★★★ " So much fun. Chris and co-host drago[s] very entertaining. Also much fun with other guests. Great evening and good venue. " - Estelle - France
★★★★★ " The comedy was fantastic, and the venue was a blast! Thanks for everything Chris. A truly unique, belly-laugh-filled evening in Berlin. " - Joey - USA
★★★★★ " Fun evening experiencing European comedy but in English. Nice evening for a very nice price! " - Robyn - USA
★★★★★ " I absolutely LOVED my evening on this amazing boat with Chris and all the performers ! They are funny, friendly, respectful and professional. If you just arrived in Berlin and are scared of going there by yourself, don't be ! I did it myself and I'll do it again as soon as I get the opportunity.
I highly recommend it. " - Alexia - Indonesia
★★★★★ " Wonderful experience. Very intimate and inclusive energy from the comedians and the audience too. This is the kind of event that draws the best kinds of people to an enclosed space. I had lots of laughs and I met lots of great people. Definitely worth coming back to Berlin for. " - Chipo - Venezuela
★★★★★ " Great evening! A very international audience and line-up (from Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Malaysia to the Netherlands), of all ages, laughing with each other in a foreign language and artists trying out new material. Love how Chris brings this all together. Special evening! " - Reinoud - Switzlerand
★★★★★ " Great value and a great location which was easy to find. Chris made you feel really welcome. It was a busy night - all seats taken!
There were quite a few comedy acts, all very different and both hosts that night were very funny.
A very enjoyable evening and highly recommend 🙂 " - Shameem - Pakistan
★★★★★ " Free shots and an awesome night of laughter. Chris took the time to engage the entire crowd and he has a great lineup of comedians to round it all off. Highly recommended! " - Jody - Ireland
★★★★★ " HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Both solo and group travelers will have a great time with Chris. It's also a good way to meet some new people. " - Zishan - Turkey
★★★★★ " If you are coming to Berlin DON'T miss this! We've been to the usual tourist spots and museums but for the price and time I can vouch that you are gonna have the best time here. Chris & the other guys made us really feel welcome and the diverse culture & jokes of the comedians and guests will make you feel like home." - Abdulla - Sri Lanka
★★★★★ " This is one of the funnest & funniest places in Berlin. Definitely worth a stop whether you're a local or tourist. It's absolutely packed! You'll meet people and comics from literally all over the world who are looking to have a good time and poke a little well-meaning fun at you and themselves. Don't be alarmed by the grungy outside, the inside is lovely and cozy. (Only wish I had been able to take pictures!) Add it to your trip! " - Rowan - Ireland
★★★★★ " The comedy show was really good and genuinely funny. There were a mix of new comedians as well as seasoned ones. It was great place to meet people as well." - Hari - India
★★★★★ " The whole evening was amazing, start to finish. I went alone and tend to be really socially awkward, but ended up being one of the last people leaving as I found myself talking to the performers and the people sat at my table. Chris created a super relaxed atmosphere for everyone. I also have to say he stuck to safety rules re: covid, which many places currently don't and for me personally, that really made a difference. I will for sure go and see the show again, it's definitely a great night out! !" - Pamela - Argentina
★★★★★ " perfect! " - "栋辉 - Japan

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The Floating Lounge Mühlenstraße 73 10243 Berlin