PHOTO: © Kunsthalle Bremen, Foto: Michael Gielen

Lisa Seebach & Julia Charlotte Richter. Aren't you the one who can remember the future?

In the organizer's words:

The multimedia installation by Lisa Seebach (*1981, Cologne) and Julia Charlotte Richter (*1982, Giessen) consists of sculptures, video sequences and expansive drawings.

Video monitors are embedded between plateau-like, shiny steel elements, mounted wall rods, fragile scaffolding constructions and futuristic machines. They show a group of teenagers whose members move around the installation like a complicit special unit. They follow seemingly fixed but inexplicable patterns of action: objects are moved, rolled, hung, carried, connected and passed on to one another. Seebach and Richter draw attention to the phase of life of being a teenager, in which there is a childlike past but the future is still uncertain. The installation Aren't you the one who can remember the future? asks what kind of world one grows into as a young person and how previous generations have constructed and left it behind. How can we make predetermined systems and structures our own and use them?

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