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Escape Room MADHOUSE 101

In the community of Pottsfield, the number of missing persons cases around the abandoned mental hospital is increasing. Nevertheless, you decide to explore the grounds. Not a good idea.

Your mission

Disturbing rumors have been swirling around the abandoned sanatorium for years. Allegedly, screams can be heard from inside and people keep disappearing.

You refuse to be scared and want to take a closer look at the building. In the dead of night, you sneak onto the grounds. Suddenly you hear a rustling behind you - someone is throwing you to the ground! Your eyes go black.

Without any orientation, you wake up inside the sanatorium. Somehow you feel like you're being watched. And is that a puncture mark on your upper arm?

About the game

Do you love playful thrills and atmospheric horror? A stay in "Madhouse 101" is exactly to your taste.

You may already know the sanatorium from one of our previous missions. This version has been completely redesigned and can be played even if you already know the previous version.

The trip to the sanatorium can be undertaken by teams of 2 to 8 people. "Madhouse 101" is suitable for anyone aged 16 and over who likes an eerie atmosphere in several rooms and doesn't mind a few jump scares.

We recommend this mission for 4 to 6 people.

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Price information:

Price per person. The more people take part, the cheaper it is per person.


EXIT Escape Room Games Friedrichstraße 101 10117 Berlin

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EXIT Escape Room Games
EXIT Escape Room Games Friedrichstraße 101 10117 Berlin

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